80-90 percent – What about this group? Dan Leberfeld

A published report yesterday claimed that an unnamed Jets player estimates that 80-90 percent of the team feels the team needs to move on from Mark Sanchez as the starting quarterback.

I wonder where these players stand on the issue – Lex Hilliard, John Griffin, Joseph Collins, Marcus Davis, Vidal Hazelton, Thomas Mayo, Titus Ryan, K.J. Stroud, Chris Pantale, Konrad Reuland (high school teammate of Sanchez), Mike Shanahan, Hayden Smith, Stephen Peterman, Trey Gilleo, Mark Popek, Dennis Landolt, Jake McDonough, Junior Aumaveae, Lanier Coleman, Tevita Finau, Troy Davis, JoJo Dickson, Danny Lanasah, Sean Progar-Jackson, Jacquies Smith, Mike Edwards, Donnie Fletcher, Royce Adams, Bret Lockett, Rontez Miles, Brett Maher, Travis Tripucka and Ryan Quigley.

Most of these 33 players don’t stand anywhere on Sanchez’s future.

They are all on the fence fighting to make the team.

If they have an opinion on this issue, you know darn well they are keeping it to themselves.

That is generally what you do when you are fighting for survival on a roster.

You keep your mouth shut and work hard.

So I would rule out these 33 players, so I think 80-90 percent is a little high.