A coach theorizes on why so many injuries Dan Leberfeld

What has caused this NFL injury epidemic this summer? Was it the lack of an off-season conditioning programs? Here is one take on what caused the issue:

“I mean every guy has such a different experience from this offseason,” said Jets coach Adam Gase. “How many guys had access to gyms? How many guys had their own home gym to where they could workout?”

“But it’s still never the same when you’re with a group like we usually are in the offseason, because there’s a little bit of a competitive juices flowing, even when they’re lifting and running, there’s something about that right? You’re getting more out of those sessions than what you do if you’re just by yourself.

“Some guys probably didn’t have access to anything, which is probably why you see quite a few injuries, but you know, when we get back here and then you take the number down to 80.”

The NFL and NFLPA deciding to have just 80, instead of 90 players entering camp, turned out to be a dubious decision.

The teams needed those extra ten guys, with the myriad injuries suffered this summer, perhaps due to no team off-season conditioning programs.


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