A conversation with Brandon Moore Dan Leberfeld

Q)Why the sluggish play for three quarters, and then things pick up at the end?

Moore: We have been in slugfests like this for the past three years. We like to pride ourselves on being a team that finishes. Not happy with the way it started, it was pretty bad there, but when you have a team that can finish a game like, it’s good to see. So I would rather have that, than a team that can’t step up and finish in the fourth quarter.

Q)Is that a risky formula?

Moore: You can run into problems when you play like that a little bit. We have won a lot of games with that formula.
It wasn’t pretty football for the first three quarters. We just found a way to break it open, and that is good to see as a team.

Q)How huge was this win?

Moore: We understand what we are playing for. We are playing to get a playoff berth.