A conversation with Brick Ferguson Dan Leberfeld

Q)Does all the Super Bowl talk before the season put extra  pressure on the team in the playoffs?

Ferguson: I don’t think of it as pressure.  I just think it gives everybody a goal, not just to win one, two or three playoff games.  We’re in it to win it all.  I think when everybody understands that and hears that, we can really dial in and say, “OK, this is our mission.  This is what we’re here for.   

Q)What was it like to block for four quarterbacks against Buffalo?

Ferguson: (Laughing) We’re fortunate we have a lot of talented guys back there that can step up and do the job when their number is called.  Everybody had a chance to shine today: Brad (Smith), (Mark) Brunell and Kellen (Clemens).  We’re excited about those guys. 

Q)What are your thoughts on Joe McKnight’s performance?

Ferguson: (He is) a very talented back.  He made our job very easy the way he went out there and played.  Now we know what kind of threat he can be in.