A conversation with Mark Sanchez – Part I Dan Leberfeld

Q)What led to the slow start against Buffalo in the first half?

Sanchez: I thought we sustained a couple of really good drives, and then we just gave it away at the end. Just got to be better in the red zone, can’t throw picks like that. It’s no good and it will get you beat, but I’m just proud of the way the guys battled and persevered through a tough first half. We ran the ball well and set things up.

We got exactly what we game planned for and we just didn’t finish in the first half, but we ended up executing and capitalizing on some big plays, and finished drives finally in the second half. So that was good.

Q)What happened on the interception in the end zone?

Sanchez: It kind of got away from me a little bit. It just sailed. Bad throws happen, but they just can’t down there.

Q)What are your thoughts on the run/pass ratio?

Sanchez: I’m not really worried if we run it or throw it a lot, as long as we’re winning. We were pretty efficient in the passing game [in Buffalo]. I was proud of the way guys really battled for the football when it was in the air. We blocked very well up front, had a lot of running lanes, had plenty of time to throw and got a couple of bounces, so that was good.