A conversation with Mark Sanchez Craig Thomas

Q)Your thoughts on the game . . .

Sanchez: I just have to be patient, especially when you score on that first drive and you’re feeling good, you can’t give them two cheap throws. One to Mathis, he made a pretty good play, but it’s third and long, protect the ball and we’d blow this team out earlier in the game.
We had a great game plan for them and you can’t give them any cheap ones and that’s frustrating. But we got back on track and won the game.

Q)Why kind of coverage where the Jags playing?

Sanchez: They didn’t want to play these guys man to man, I wouldn’t if I was a defense. These guys are so good. And you play zone like that, you let a guy like Dustin Keller free down the middle a couple of times and we have some big plays. But, when nothing was open (and) they dropped real deep in their zones, I just took off and ran.
They kept everybody deep, made us stay patient. I gave them two cheap ones, and that’s what happens when you force the ball down the field like that trying to get it to your receivers, you get intercepted.

Q)What can you tell us about the opening drive of the game?

Sanchez: (The) opening drive, that was huge. Rex challenged the offense last night in the hotel and he said we’re going to take the ball, we’re going to receive the ball, which we never do. So he put the challenge on us and we answered the call, now we just need to stay consistent in the first half, and that’s on me.

Q)What happened on that potential TD pass to Plaxico that was a little overthrown?

Sanchez: (Dawan) Landry made a pretty good play to slow Plax down, kind of disrupted our timing a little bit.

Q)Your thoughts on playing the next three games on the road . . .

Sanchez: I’m glad we’ve got the momentum from these two wins going into it. We’ve got to put an emphasis on penalties and turnovers because they’re drive killers. They prevent you from scoring points. It’s no good for us. We need to be real sharp on the road – the noise and all that.
The ball is the most important thing. I’ve got to protect (the ball) better. These first two games, it’s no good, and I can’t take those on the road. We’re going to need to tighten things up on offense to play well these next three weeks.