A conversation with Rex Ryan – Part I Dan Leberfeld

Q)What did you think of the team’s performance?

Ryan: It was a great win for us. It was a tough game. We knew it would be tough because of the Washington Redskins defense. We thought our offensive line made a difference in the game, blocking and opening up some holes to have definitive running plays in the game.

Q)What are your thoughts on Santonio Holmes?

Ryan: When we needed it the most he made a huge play and Mark made a great throw.

Q)What did you think of Mark’s performance?

Ryan: Mark sometimes sailed the balls, but when it counted the most, he found a way to get the job done. I was really proud of that.

Q)What did you think of the long drives early?

Ryan: I was proud of the offense’s 18-play drive in the first quarter. To respond, we were on our heels on defense. Mike Shanahan is a great play-caller but we were able to make the right adjustments. For us to come back and make the 18-play drive against the Redskins defense was tremendous.

Q)What did you think of Maybin’s performance?

Ryan: I told Maybin that sacks win games and he responded to me saying, I know it coach. Then he went out there and got one, then I said to him that a fumble was even better, so I am proud of the effort on his part. They know where he stands now as a player.