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Time for some Whispers and observations from Jets camp from long-time Jets Confidential publisher Dan Leberfeld. $7.95 per month gets you all of Dan’s Web Whispers . . .

Huge story today at Jets camp. Huge.

Brandon Marshall punted a ball out of frustration after an incompletion.

Headline Pro Football Talk – “Frustrated Brandon Marshall punts ball during practice.”

Also saw it as a lead story on another NFL website.

Stop the presses.

You would not believe the number of questions from the media after practice about this, to Marshall and Todd Bowles.

You would have thought Marshall had announced his retirement.

The childish stuff that makes for big stories these days is astonishing.

Talk about “bread and circus.” People get distracted by really dumb things.

But while on the topic of dumb things, there was a really dumb question/observation directed toward Marshall about his punting of the ball.

The reporter basically said, “Do you think it sent a message to team about the how you can’t have a bad practice like this?”


What kind of message does it send to anyone kicking the ball?

As Todd Bowles said, you can’t do that in a game because it’s a penalty.

So for somebody to ask Marshall that, they are really reaching.

I’m done talking about this, but expect to see this all over the internet.

This is the kind of story that passes for big news these days . . .

What a difference Sheldon Richardson makes. He returned to practice today after missing the first four days of camp due to a personal matter.

Remember I was saying how weak the Jets’ pass rush has been. Well it certainly improved today with Richardson creating interior pressure. He also drew a holding call on Dakota Dozier bringing back a long run up the middle.
Now once they get Mo Wilkerson back, this line should be special. How special? An ESPN reporter asked Richardson that question.

“I will let y’all do that,” Richardson responded curtly.

Good for him. He’s tired of things he says getting blown up, so he’s not going there . . .

Unless Dion Simon gets going, the Jets might be in the market for a backup nose tackle. The second-year nose tackle, who spent last year on the practice squad, needs to make more plays. He continues to have the same problem he had last summer – he plays too upright, his pad level is too high, and this makes him easily blocked by NFL offensive linemen . . .

Free agent safety Doug Middleton, out of Appalachian State, continues to make a ton of plays.

Aside from being a big hitter, he’s very, very bright, which helps him snuff out plays and be at the right place at the right time . . .

Darron Lee suffered some kind of muscle injury in one of his legs today. To me, it looked like he did it trying to execute a spin move blitzing up the middle. The injury isn’t serious.

I think the reason he attempted this spin move is that he realizes it’s hard for him to stack-and-shed offensive linemen, so he figured he’d try to beat a lineman with a quick 360 move . . .

August 2, 2016

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