A little confused by NFL.com report Dan Leberfeld

Ian Rappaport of NFL.com reported the following –

“Assistant coaches for the New York Jets believe they are ‘in limbo’ until the Jets hire a new general manager,” wrote Rappaport. “A team source who was in a meeting held by coach Rex Ryan on Monday shared that the staff is expected to take the week off and return next Monday. That could be the target date for a GM hire. It’s still unclear to Jets coaches if Ryan will have a say in who is hired as GM. But as one coach relayed, if you aren’t under contract, you should be looking for a job.”

Ryan is staying on as the team’s coach, so he needs to pick the staff.

He will coach the team, and the new GM will pick the players.

Do you really think it’s a good idea for the new GM to get involved in Rex’s staff. That doesn’t sound like a great plan.

I’m not saying Rex should keep his staff intact, but if changes are made, he should be spearheading that, not the GM.

Brian Schottenheimer was forced on Rex. How’d that work out?