A look at Tyler Bray Craig Thomas

One of the hardest quarterbacks in this draft to figure out is Tennessee’s Tyler Bray.

“I was surprised he came out of Tennessee first of all,” said ESPN’s Mel Kiper. “I thought another year would have benefitted him. You could say, well, he’s losing (WR) Justin Hunter, he’s losing (WR) Zach Rogers and (WR) Cordarrelle Patterson, but they’ve got some big offensive linemen coming back there. You can develop some receivers.

“So it was a case where another year could have really benefitted him, but he did get his weight up, he did flash that arm strength at the combine.

“When you look at Tyler Bray, I think third round is when he gets really seriously into the discussion, fourth round. So a second round would surprise me if he went that early. But hey, I’ve seen big strong arm guys like Bray go earlier than I project. I’m looking at him as a third or fourth rounder 6’6″, 232, who knows, maybe somebody takes him in the second.”