Adalius for Week One too expensive Dan Leberfeld

If the Jets sign free agent linebacker Adalius Thomas to play in Week One, they will have to guarantee his contract for the season.
His minimum contract is probably around $1 million. Do you really think the Jets, in a recession, with PSL’s unsold, are going to do that?
Forget about the Jets, I don’t think any team would do that, especially when it’s unclear what Thomas has left.
If Pace is out two months, then perhaps the Jets could sign Thomas after Week One, and pay him week-to-week.
The Jets can get by without Adalius in the first game with Bryan Thomas, Jason Taylor and Jamaal Westerman (who looks like he’s ready to breakout). Also, Kenwin Cummings had a lot of experience rushing from the outside in college. So perhaps he can help out a little bit. Or Rex Ryan fave Vernon Gholston can backup on the outside.