Adam Gase on Ryan Tannehill Dan Leberfeld

*Q)Do you have anything on the quarterbacks for us?

Adam Gase: Yeah, Ryan (Tannehill) will be out this week. Brock (Osweiler) will be starting.

Q)Are you surprised that QB Ryan Tannehill hasn’t shown more to this point?

Gase: I think it’s just unpredictability. Some days it feels a lot better and some days he doesn’t feel as good. He’s throwing. We’ll just keep working through it, keep talking with the doctors and see if we can do anything else, anything more than what he’s doing, or if we need to do less. We just have to keep going through this process.

Q)We didn’t see QB Ryan Tannehill throw anything out there today. Did he throw anything?

Gase: He has. I mean he’s been throwing when he’s with the trainers and they do certain things. He’s being monitored closely.

Q)How much does the concern grow that this can be something that either needs to be surgically repaired or could possibly impact QB Ryan Tannehill’s career?

Gase: Surgery has not been brought up to me. This is just a rest-type thing.

*This is from Gase’s press conference today in South Florida.