Gase on whether he’d give up play-calling Dan Leberfeld

A Newsday reporter asked Adam Gase on Monday if he would consider giving up play-calling to “shake” things up. Here is that exchange:

Al Iannazzone, Newsday: Yeah Adam, I was just wondering, I’m sure you are trying to figure out what’s going to jolt this team, you talked about it last week, do you feel like it’s the right time to just say, let somebody else call the plays and see if that shakes anything up?

Adam Gase: Yeah, I mean, like I said, like every week we’re looking for what’s the right thing to do. I got a couple other things I got to really kind of sort through offensively before we make any kind of decisions whatsoever on stuff like that, we got to get some adjusted, figure out who we have available for this week. So, I mean that’s step 10 right now and we’re on step two.