Gase’s prediction – Is it really a big deal? #nyj Dan Leberfeld

Of course they should be. Every team should be. The league is set up for parity.

Jets coach Adam Gase was asked if he expects, barring significant injuries, to be playing meaningful games in December this year.

“We are going to play meaningful games at the end of November and December,” Gase said. “That is what we are going to do.”

Some will make a big deal out of this answer, but it’s really not a big deal.

There are few dominant teams in the NFL. The league is set up for competitive balance with the salary cap, along with the draft and waiver wire pecking orders.

You have to be a pretty bad organization to not at least be in the wild-card conversation in late November/early December. For goodness sake, if you are, let’s say 5-6, in late November, you are usually in the wild-card hunt.

So of course the Jets should be playing meaningful games in late November and early December.

Most teams should be.

If a team isn’t at least hanging around for a wild-card spot at that point of the season, they’re a pretty poorly run organization.


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