Amaro isn’t struggling, he’s learning Dan Leberfeld

I’m sorry Jace Amaro. It wasn’t the intent of my question. It really wasn’t, but it took a turn that I think is unfortunate, and I apologize for that . . .

I read this headline on a website called, “The Red Zone,” that aggregates NFL news, “Jets rookie TE Jace Amaro having trouble adjusting to pro offense.”

I couldn’t believe it.

How unfair. The guy has been with the Jets for less than two months.

Did people expect him to be Antonio Gates the second he arrived on campus?

This stuff takes time.

In fairness to “The Red Zone,” they didn’t come up with the premise that Amaro is struggling. They were linking to a story by ESPN’s Rich Cimini.

“Mornhinweg said Amaro, a pass-catching machine in college, needs to make a ‘host’ of adjustments to get comfortable in a pro-style system,” wrote Cimini.

So why do I feel I owe Amaro an apology?

Because I asked Mornhinweg the question, and I didn’t mean any harm by it.

Here is what I asked Marty – “Jace Amaro comes from one of those funky spread offenses at Texas Tech, where he was very successful, but some of the stuff doesn’t translate to the NFL. What does he need to work on in his transition from what Kliff Kingsbury was asking him to do to what you will ask him to do?”

This had nothing to do with struggling. It was just about the transition, which he certainly can make, but it’s going to take time, something that is in short supply with the critics.

Mornhinweg talked about some basic things that he needs to do, and this turns into he’s
“struggling” in the transition.

“He hasn’t played much, a little bit, but not much, in line in a couple of years,” Mornhinweg said. “He did do it when he was young. So a refresher course in line, as far as footwork, releases, these type of things. The top of his routes he’s working on extremely hard right now, because it is like you said a much different type of system. So we emphasize timing precision, and so he’s working diligently on those two things.”

He’s been in Florham Park less than two months, and has had way less than two months on the field.

“Now that’s Mr. Negativity at his best,” wrote Tom Von Achen of Fort Lauderdale in the comment section under the Cimimi story. “So after a couple of practices he now sucks. And you know Cimini didn’t even look at practice . He’s just going on a couple of words from M.Monrinweg .Find a little hole for negativity , and Cimini pounds it like a…………….”

I understand why a fan like Von Achen would be so frustrated with this story.

I tried to ask an honest, fair question, and it turned into a negative story about Amaro.

I’m sorry Jace, it turned out that way.

It’s so early in the process for this player who not only is a rookie, but came out of school following his junior year.

Can we give this a little time before we say he’s “struggling.”

My goodness.

June 26, 2014

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