An intriguing second round pass rushing OLB Dan Leberfeld

Q)Who are some of the guys in the NFL now as pass rushers that you admire?

Jeremiah Attaochu – Georgia Tech: I watch some of those pass rushers who kind of fit my mold, body type and athletic ability. I watch Clay Matthews and Von Miller. I watch Terrell Suggs. He uses his power very well.

Q)Do you prefer playing with your hand down, playing in space or doing both?

Attaochu: Doing both. I played in a 3-4 the first three years of my career. I played in the 4-3 over my last year of my career. That kind of made me more versatile and be able to do both.

Q)Where would you fit in best?

Attaochu: I think I can fit anywhere they need a pass rusher. I can come in and do that right away and help the team out and put pressure on the QB. Really, any team that needs a pass rusher, I’m definitely a good fit.

Q)The 3-4 and the 4-3, which one are you more comfortable with?

Attaochu: Standing up as a 3-4 rush linebacker, definitely.

Q)Do a lot of special teams in college?

Attaochu: Yes, I did. I had to play on every special team, a different special team every year in college. That is part of my game.

Q)Where were you born?

Attaochu: Nigeria. I moved to D.C. when I was 8 in 2001.

A)Why D.C.?

Attaochu: My Dad was actually living there and working there. My Dad went to college as an exchange student in the 1980s and then went back to Nigeria, met my mom and had kids. He came back in the 90s and then we came to meet back up with him.

Q)What does your Dad do?

Attaochu: My Dad is currently a registered nurse and a pastor right now.

Q)Has he had a big influence on you?

Attaochu: A very big influence on me. Just the work ethic and things like that.

Q)What’s the best film to watch of you?

Attaochu: The Pittsburgh, Clemson and the Georgia Film and the North Carolina games show what I can do. Just the versatility. I’m a guy who can stand up and drop. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

Q)How do you envision yourself in the pros?

Attaochu: Being a Pro Bowl player. I think that’s the type of player that I am. That’s the type I’ve been in college. I’ve been great for my team and for my school. I’d like to take my game to the next level. I know there are things that I can work on. There are still things in my game that I have to get better at for the NFL and I’m ready to do that.