An under radar QB getting a lot of attention Dan Leberfeld

Q)What do you bring to the table as a quarterback?

Connor Shaw (South Carolina): I think my record speaks for itself. In my opinion, that’s the best conference in college football, and I believe I am an elite competitor. I think I am going to prove that in the NFL.

Q)With your development, when did you take the largest leap?

Shaw: Probably from my junior year to my senior year. I was beat up a good bit my junior year and I had a lot of things to work on in the offseason and my quarterbacks coach, Coach Mangus and Coach Spurrier, really helped me through that.

That’s why I wanted to go play for Coach Spurrier because he demands perfection. He is never complacent. He’s going to get the very best out of you. He did that. He made me better each year I played.

Q)Is the NFL more accepting of 6-0 quarterbacks these days?

Shaw: There is not a specific mold you have to fit anymore to be an NFL quarterback. foot. I think there is a prototypical quarterback size anymore.

Q)Does your winning get appreciated enough?

Shaw: No, I think people look at your individual stats more than what you did as a team and this is a team game. Priority No. 1 wherever you go is to win, and we did a bunch of it.

Q)How high is the bar in the SEC?

Shaw: We went back to back to back seasons 11-2 and this is our first year ranked in the top five, but that’s expected in the SEC. That’s why you want to come play in this conference because it’s the most exciting and it has the most elite competitors and the most elite talent in that group.

Q)Do you feel you are underrated?

Shaw: My job is to compete to the best of my ability, and I am not going to worry about anything but that.

Q)What kind of feedback have you gotten from teams?

Shaw: A good bit of them congratulate me on a good career at South Carolina, and they admire my competitiveness, my toughness, and they just kind of get a feel for what I know from a football standpoint and a little bit about my personal life.