Rex needs to stop being Father Flanagan Dan Leberfeld

Rex Ryan is a terrific football coach, but he’s not a shrink.

Neither is Raheem Morris, who was recently fired in Tampa Bay.

“Two players who allegedly deserve some criticism for not working hard enough are running back LeGarrette Blount and wide receiver Mike Williams,” wrote Charlie Campbell of . “Sources said both players were not spending the right amount of time preparing their bodies for Sunday. Neither one was hitting the weight room or training room as they should. Former coaches said both players needed to spend regular time in the cold tub and build their bodies in the weight room to play better on Sundays.

“Former team staff said Williams in particular was a mess. In the beginning of the season, Williams was struggling to get separation from defensive backs. He thought he was too heavy, so he started losing weight, and by the end of the season, sources said that Williams was too frail and didn’t have the strength to fight off jams and re-routes. Williams also was said to be partying a lot at night, and as a result, he was falling asleep during meetings.”

Both players were considered major risks coming out of college, but Morris thought he could get through to them.

Neither Raheem or Rex have magical powers that allow them to get through to people others can’t.

Once in a blue moon you can get through to a troubled player, but as we know, most people can’t change.

It’s time for Rex and Mike Tannenbaum to go back to the core values days in Florham Park.