Antonio Cromartie is out of line Dan Leberfeld

Antonio Cromartie probably should focus on his own job.

He doesn’t work for the Jets’ personnel department.

But he continues to comment on the Jets’ wide receiver situation.

And in the process, he’s insulting teammates.

“It’s going to help having Santonio back, but I think we also need a true No. 2 guy ready to go, too,” Cromartie said to Brian Costello and Manish Mehta in New Orleans. “We need some guys on the outside that can be game-changers on the outside. I think a lot of people look at our offense and they’re not intimidated by our offense.”

So I guess he doesn’t think much of Stephen Hill and Jeremy Kerley (or Jordan White and Royce Pollard.)

Look, I’m not putting Hill and Kerley in Canton, and I know the Jets need to add another weapon.

But for Cromartie to continue to make these comments, and insult teammates in his own locker room, that is out of line.

And I can guarantee you, coaches like Bill Belichick and Jim Harbaugh, wouldn’t put up with this sort of talk. It’s bad for the locker room.

Players’ play, coaches’ coach, personnel people find the players.

Know your place.