Anything happen today? Dan Leberfeld

What a bad day to have computer problems.

I finally fixed my computer which was messed up all day.

The funny thing about it was, I could get on Twitter, but couldn’t do anything else.


Maybe the IRS came after my computer.

As we all know by now, David Garrard is going to retire. His problematic knee is still a problem.

I guess in a way it’s a blessing in disguise for the Jets that it happened now, and not in early September, after he perhaps had won the starting quarterback job.

Where do the Jets go from here?

Simple, they let Mark Sanchez, Greg McElroy, Geno Smith and Matt Simms battle for the starting job.

And if it’s not going well in the summer, and a West Offense QB becomes available (via waivers or a trade), the Jets can add another candidate.

But the Jets should not change their plans for Smith based on today’s move.

He didn’t change as a prospect due to the Garrard announcement. He’s still a raw quarterback with a huge upside, who needs a lot of work. He will likely need time to transition from a gimmicky college offense to the West Coast offense. He also must improve his footwork and decision-making.

Hey, if he proves to be precocious, and develops fast, and wins the job, all the power to him.

But nothing that happened today should alter the Jets plans for him. He needs to win the job, not be handed it.