Are Idzik, Johnson, Akselrad, Glat willing to write it off? Dan Leberfeld

Nashville – Are John Idzik, Woody Johnson, Neil Glat, Ira Akselrad and Rod Graves willing to write the Jets season off, to use it as a test lab, to get Geno Smith reps.

I’m not being a wise guy. I really want to know.

Are Idzik, Johnson, Glat, Akselrad and Graves willing to say, “The heck with the season, let’s develop the kid!”

It’s hard to say at this point.

Graves, the Jets’ assistant GM, certainly knows how uneven quarterback play can turn a franchise on it’s ear.

Graves was the GM of the Arizona Cardinals prior to joining the Jets in the spring.

And their quarterback situation the last two seasons was a bad one, and it ended up costing Graves, and coach Ken Whistenhunt, their jobs, after last season.