Are OTA’s really voluntary? Dan Leberfeld

Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly has attempted to publicly embarrass CB Cary Williams for missing voluntary OTA’s.

Williams has finally fired back.

“Teams, organizations, the NFL itself hold players captive over the OTAs,” Williams told 97.5 in Philadelphia. “They say it’s not mandatory but it’s mandatory, you know what I’m saying? If you want me to be there, if you want me to play football year-round, you don’t want me to not have an off-season, you don’t want me to have a personal life, let me know.”

“I told them what the situation (why he wasn’t there) was and we had a communication and that’s what it was.

“What kills me is people talk about how much money I make. Like that’s still gonna take away from me wanting to be a great dad and a good family man. I have no off days during the season. I hope y’all understand that; there’s no off days. I can’t come to work and say, ‘Oh, my head hurts. I can’t make it today,’ because my job requires much more than that.”