Are you sure DeMaurice? Dan Leberfeld

Question for DeMaurice Smith –
Are you sure you want to keep the old CBA?
Smith is the NFLPA chief, and he has made it clear he was happy with the old CBA.
While the old CBA did give the players a 60-40 split, it clearly is also bad for players in some regards.
Just ask Tony Richardson.
Richardson got screwed on two fronts.
First off, the stipulation that that veteran players are guaranteed their money (for the season) if they are on the opening day roster.
Teams circumvent that all the time by cutting veterans and bringing them back in Week Two (if at all).
Secondly, the pricier veteran minimum salaries are getting older players cut in favor of younger players making a lower minimum.
Both of these issues need to be fixed in the new CBA.
How does Darrelle Revis feel about Laveranues Coles and Richardson being cut, so the team could pay him?
Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t Darrelle’s fault, but it’s a sad reality of the current labor mess and the Jets current economic climate.