Arians wants full-time officials, what’s Goodell take? Dan Leberfeld

The NFL’s officiating last season was somewhat inconsistent. So what can be done to improve this? Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said hiring officials full time (many have other jobs) would help. What is Roger Goodell’s take on Arians idea?

“As you know, full time officials is not a new issue,” Goodell said. “It’s been discussed in the league, it’s been discussed through the competition committee for several years. We believe that at least in a limited form that it’s a positive step, so we agree with coach on that front.

“In fact, that’s something we fought for in our last labor negotiations with the officials is to be able to hire a limited number of officials, I think it was 16 or so, so that we would have the ability to have them in the office during the week. We could develop greater consistency, and consistency is really the core of what we’ve talked about all week here in officiating. That’s what we want to deliver to our teams.

“I do believe our officials are incredible professionals. I think they officiate at the highest possible level. But they can always improve, and we will try to seek improvement. We’re going to continue our dialogue with how we implement the limited number of (full-time) officials to see the impact.

“I do believe, though, from a broader standpoint, whether they’re full time or part time, officials are going to make mistakes. Unfortunately the game is fast, and it is difficult to officiate. They do an extraordinary job. We’re proud of the job they do and we want to try to give them more resources and more ability to improve, just as the game of football continues to improve.”