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Q)How comfortable are you in all the meetings with teams?

Cody Latimer – Indiana: It’s possible that maybe some people are nervous, but it’s just been a good thing for me, just being able talk. I’m social. I try to be social as best I can. It can’t hurt me; just be yourself. Talk to the coaches. Just be normal. They want to see the real you, they’re going to figure you out anyway so just be honest with them and just have a conversation.

Q)What do teams seem to like about you?

Latimer: My size, my speed. With my size, people don’t think I’m fast, and then the way I go get the ball, catching ability. I’m 215 pounds.

Q)Being a multiple-sport athlete in high school, what led you to football?

Latimer: Growing up I was a basketball player and my football coach at Jefferson High School (in Dayton), he kept asking me to come out and play. I’m like, no, I’m a basketball player, but this one year I was talking to my Mom and she said I think you should give it a try.

I gave it a try and turned out to be good at it and just kept working at it and it was very fun. I liked the physical-ness of it. Basketball, I had a couple offers but they were smaller offers and I played big man in high school and I knew I couldn’t play that in college so
I figured football was my best fit.

Q)How much did Indiana’s offense help you display your talent?

Latimer: It’s a great offense to be in, especially for a receiver. It lets you showcase your talents. There are so many ways to be open. The up-tempo tires DBs out a lot. We get in great shape with our sprint staff and (conditioning) coach (Mark) Hill. It just gives you the ability to run all the day on the field and make plays.

Q)What made you enter the draft early?

Latimer: A lot of different factors. (Indiana) Coach (Kevin) Wilson did a good job of keeping up with me throughout the season and just updating me with different facts and where I would probably go and what I would get if I went here and what’s the best move.
The ultimate decision was mine at the end and I had their support and this was a hot year for receivers so I figured I’d give it a try. I had three years at IU and enjoyed every year of it and just thought I was ready to go.

Q)Was it difficult to leave Indiana early?

Latimer: It was very difficult. Just talking to my teammates, it was very sad. We built such a bond in our meeting room. My teammates, I had close bonds with a lot of them. It’s that brotherhood that you built and it’s like you’re living somebody behind but it’s for a good cause.

Q)Where do you see yourself playing, inside, outside?

Latimer: Outside probably.