B-Schotty raves about McElroy Dan Leberfeld

Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer thinks quarterback Greg McElroy should have been picked higher than the seventh round.

“That’s where the draft process is not perfect — we were definitely surprised he was there,” Schottenheimer told Eric Allen of newyorkjets.com. “But you look at a guy who broke his thumb in the Senior Bowl and was not able to do many things in the offseason like the combine. Sometimes those guys fall through the cracks. It’s crazy to think of a guy that I think has lost maybe four games throughout his high school and college career falling through the cracks. We were thrilled when he was there and you can never have enough quarterbacks. The guy’s a winner. The guy’s extremely bright.

“He has great arm talent. I think the guy is extremely accurate. He has plenty of arm strength, arm velocity, throws the deep ball, throws the nine [go route] really well. He is maybe not as tall as you would like, like a guy 6’3”, 6’4”. But he knows how to move in the pocket and that’s what you need. It’s similar to the way we have it with Mark Sanchez — able to move around and find throwing lanes. The guy’s truly underrated when it comes to his physical ability because he has a lot of strong traits we’re excited to work with.”