Bart Hubbuch trashes Jason La Canfora Dan Leberfeld

New York Post football columnist Bart Hubbuch trashed Jason La Canfora on Twitter today over the CBS reporter’s column slamming Jets beat writers.

Hubbuch feels that the column was an attempt by La Canfora to curry favor with Jets GM John Idzik to get information out of him.

Here is some of what Hubbuch tweeted at La Canfora . . .

@JasonLaCanfora Whatever. Your unprofessionalism is an embarrassment to CBS. How’s that Chiefs contract extension for Pioli coming along?

@JasonLaCanfora Don’t you have a Joe Banner or Mike Lombardi lie to repeat verbatim? I’m surprised you have time for this.

@JasonLaCanfora Ah, insults now. I seem to have touched a nerve by outing your “suck up to the GM by bashing local guys” shtick, tough guy

@JasonLaCanfora You’re obviously trying to get in Idzik’s graces so he’ll be a source. I know how the game works. Who has the “agenda” now?

@JasonLaCanfora The only thing that’s ridiculous is you coming by for 20 minutes a year and proclaiming yourself a Jets expert.

Hey, @JasonLaCanfora, how about not painting an entire Jets beat corps with the single brush of one guy’s actions?