Revis still a solid player, but give the cat more help Dan Leberfeld

(This post was from February 2)

Bart Scott was interviewed by Newsday about cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Scott nailed it when he said, “Nobody is undefeated when it comes to Father Time.”

That is exactly right.

Especially in football, a sport that really takes a toll on the human body, perhaps expediting the athletic aging process.

And because that’s the case, you need to be very careful with the kind of contracts you give 30-year-old players, especially at positions that require speed and quickness.

But what is done is done. The ink has dried on the contract.

So moving forward with Revis, the Jets need to forget how much money he’s being paid, and handle him appropriately.

Give him safety help at times, give him double-team assistance at times.

Revis can still be a very productive player for the Jets, but it’s time to stop living in the past.

Close the island.

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