Based on what Bowles said, the decision isn’t hard Dan Leberfeld

So who is going to start at quarterback for the Jets against New England?

“I’m trying to play the best player right now and win ball games,” Todd Bowles said after the Jets’ loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday. “If it’s Bryce, it’s Bryce. If it’s Fitz, it’s Fitz.”

So it’s a no-brainer. Fitz starts against New England.

I’m not saying Fitz is great, but he gives them a better chance to win. To think Petty is better now is a reach. That makes no sense. I’m talking about RIGHT NOW.

The Jets scored six points against the Rams.

So if you are going to take Bowles at his word, Fitzpatrick will start against New England.

Now if you want to start planning for the future, and give Petty some valuable real-game experience, that is a different story. Do that.

But no matter how much a lot of you dislike Fitzpatrick as a quarterback, he gives the Jets a better chance to “win ball games” right now.