Being ‘pissed off’ doesn’t lead to wins Dan Leberfeld

You hear about losing teams being “pissed off” or how it’s “eating at them” and this will somehow serve as motivation for them to turn it around and start winning games.

Unfortunately being mad as hell about losing isn’t the panacea for losing teams to turn it around.

You can play “pissed off,” but that isn’t necessarily going to improve execution, strategy or instincts.

It can’t prevent telegraphing.

It can’t help a pair of 290-pound defensive linemen asked to cover a fast tight end on a deep crossing route.

It doesn’t work that way.

There’s nothing wrong with being highly-motivated to end a losing streak, but how much is that going to help a team, if they are being out-executed; how much can that help bird-dogging in the passing game?

“You don’t win on emotion. You win on execution.” said former NFL coach Tony Dungy.


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