Belichick analyzes Jets’ running game Dan Leberfeld

The Jets’ running game has been on a roll recently.

“I think they have an excellent running game,” Pats’ coach Bill Belichick said. “They have a good offensive line. They’ve got two backs that complement each other well that are both good backs, but have different running styles.

“It all starts with [Nick] Mangold on the line. He’s as good a center as we’ve faced and he’s outstanding. Wherever the play’s designed to go – off tackle or draw plays or things like that – it seems like there’s always a second point of attack, second entry point, wherever his block is.

“Their offensive line [and] their backs, they’re well coached. They have good schemes. They use their tight ends well, both [Ben] Hartsock and [Dustin] Keller in the running game or use [Wayne] Hunter or put [Robert] Turner out there, which they do some of that – use those guys as tight ends. That gives them some other blocking combinations. They do a good job of those things.”