Better ways to answer question, but it’s not a big deal Dan Leberfeld

Fayetteville, NY – In his post-game press conference in Detroit, Rex Ryan said he didn’t see Geno Smith’s work with the Jets’ offense against the Lions, because he was working with the defense.

He took some criticism for this statement from the media.

It’s really not that big of a deal, but he probably should have answered the question differently.

A good answer would have been, “Let me look at the film, and then I will have a better answer for you in my next press conference.”

It’s very hard to evaluate a quarterback’s performance from the sidelines.

So there is nothing wrong with waiting to look at the film, and then commenting.

And that is what Rex should have said.

Rex is entering his fifth season in the New York market.

You have to know at this point, that if you say you weren’t watching your prized-rookie quarterback in his NFL debut, you are going to ripped by the New York media.