Bill Belichick talks Jets Football Dan Leberfeld

Bill Belichick had some thoughts on the Jets at his press conference today. Here are some of those .  . .

“Offensively they do a lot of different things. Coach [Marty] Mornhinweg has a variety of looks and plays that go with it, good complementary plays.

“Defensively, they give you a lot of different things to prepare for there. Same thing in the kicking game, a lot of game plan type rushes and returns.

“We’re just going to have to have a quick turnaround here and get in-tune with what the Jets do. They’re a tough team to prepare for. They definitely made the plays last week against Tampa in the fourth quarter at the end of the game that they needed to make to win. They’re a tough minded football team.

“I thought [Geno Smith] played very well against Tampa last week. He ran well, he threw well, he made good decisions, moved the team at critical points in the game. That’s the most important thing – he made the plays he needed to make to win.

“I think Rex is to a degree a game plan coach. He defends you the way that they feel they need to do that. How they defend you and how they defended the team before or the opponent after is all based on how he sees the match-ups and what he wants to do.

“There’s certainly going to be some in-game adjustments that we’ll have to make, I’m sure, in all three phases of the game, based on how they specifically want to try to attack us.

“[The Jets defensive line] is strong, they’re physical, they run well, they’re hard to block. It’s a good group, they have good depth, Harrison. They have a lot of good players. It’s a good group.”