Bill Polian’s take on the Revis’ soap opera Dan Leberfeld

During a conference call with the media today, ESPN’s Bill Polian was asked about what the future might hold in the Darrelle Revis-mess, and here is what he had to say –

“I can tell you that as of now, keep in mind that all general managers deal with facts and not sound bites or
noise. The fact is he’s an injured player who has not proven yet that he is what he was before he got hurt. So that’s point A.

“Point B is that he is entering the season prior to his free agency and he cannot be tagged so he either reaches a long term agreement with the club, or he becomes a free agent. Those are the facts. How you balance them is the
difficult part.

“How can you negotiate when you don’t know what the player is likely to be? You can surmise, but you don’t know until he gets on the field. To me, that’s a very important issue. I presume that if they have an intention to keep him at
some point they’ll enter into the negotiations. But the timing of that depends entirely on what they find out vis a vis the medical.

“And, again, as I stated just a minute ago, that’s something that none of us in the media business know. The club is the repository of that information. That is what is going to drive the decision. I can’t predict what’s going to happen, but I can tell you what’s going to drive the decision, and that’s the medical.”