Bob Costas of NBC Sports on Greg Hardy and guns Dan Leberfeld

Bob Costas, of NBC Sports, appearing on HBO, made some strong comments on Dallas Cowboys DE Greg Hardy and gun rights.

“Greg Hardy, who just got signed by the Cowboys, but sat out most of last year because he was involved in a domestic violence case, which is prevalent in the National Football League and dominated a lot of the news last season — but [what] was kind of overlooked in all this, he was slapping his girlfriend around,” Costas told HBO.

“He was found guilty by a judge, and then he had the right under Carolina law to take it to a jury trial, and the case was dropped because she wouldn’t testify against him, she changed her mind. But, in any case, as part of this, he threw her on a couch with loaded shotguns and assault weapons on the couch.

“Now, is this what the Founding Fathers had in mind that Greg Hardy should be armed to the teeth? That private citizens should be able to purchase cop-killer armor-piercing bullets? That you should be able to have an AK-47? I mean, carry it to its logical conclusion, if you’re fearful of the tyrannical government taking away your rights as a citizen, then you ought to have a bazooka, you ought to have a tank, you ought to be able to have nuclear weapons if you can get them before ISIS gets their hands on them.”

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