Bowles on Jarvis Harrison’s motor Dan Leberfeld

The Jets got a potential steal in the fifth round, with the selection of Texas A & M guard Jarvis Harrison.

Harrison has good size and athletic ability, but there has been speculation that his hot-and-cold motor in college made him slip in the draft.

What does Jets coach Todd Bowles think of Harrison’s motor?

“Some games he played harder than others, but you can probably pull out any college player going into the pros that has done that at some point in time,” Bowles said. “Jarvis is a big guy, he’s an offensive lineman, he’s not going to go out and run 400 meters in 47, 48 seconds. Obviously, the better shape he’s in, the better he can play. I don’t know the situation down at Texas A&M, but he has a chance for where we got him to be a value pick. He has to show that he’s more than that type of player and we thought it was worth the gamble to take on him.”

If the Jets keep Harrison’s motor revving high, and get him in great shape, he could turn into a very good player for them.