Bowles on Pryor – “He’s not a true box safety.” Dan Leberfeld

There is a narrative being pushed that Calvin Pryor is best used as a “box safety.”

In other words, close to the line, not as much in space.

Todd Bowles, is Pryor a box safety?

“No,” Bowles said in March. “I think he did a little bit of both in college. He can play back and he can play up. Calvin will be fine. He’s good enough to play in the back and he’s good enough to move up. He’s not a true box safety.”

Pryor’s inconsistent play last year was more a by-product of being thrust into the starting lineup to quickly as opposed to his role. He came out of Louisville after his junior year, and then missed time in training camp with a concussion. He shouldn’t have been thrown right into the starting lineup.

“[Pryor] just has to understand where he is (in other words, know his assignments) and work on fundamentals,” Bowle said. “Rookie safety playing in the league for the first time he made some good plays and he had some plays he knows he’s got to get better at. I think he’s going to be a good football player.”