Bowles on the Darnold/McCown decision Dan Leberfeld

*Q)Will QB Sam Darnold be the QB Week 1?

Bowles: I’ve never said that.

Q)Are you ready to make the starting QB decision?

Bowles: No, I’m not making that decision right now.

Q)Will you make the starting QB decision prior to Monday?

Bowles: Probably not. And if I do, I won’t tell them. I don’t need to make it right now, so I’ll go from there.

Q)When he will have to tell the QB who is starting the first game of the regular season?

Bowles: They both can take reps and I’ll give an idea when I see fit and go from there.

Q)What are your thoughts on NFL Network Reporter Ian Rapoport saying that the Jets had made a decision that Darnold will start Week 1?

Bowles: I haven’t talked to Ian, so unless he’s wearing a head coaching hat here then you can believe Ian. But I haven’t made a decision or I haven’t talked to anyone to make a decision, so until I say who the starting QB is, I have no comment on it.

Q)Have you not yet made up your mind about the starting QB for Week 1?

Bowles: If I did, I haven’t told them and I haven’t told the coaches. So I’ll make that known to them as the days go on.

Q)Have you decided in your own mind who the starting QB will be for Week 1?

Bowles: I’ll make that decision as the days go on.

Q)What was your thought process in starting QB Josh McCown?

Bowles: Same thing I did last year. Last year Josh played in the first preseason game and sat in the second and third game. He came out and played in the fourth. Same thing this year – we gave Sam the second and the third game and Josh started the first game and he came out and needed to get some reps and get some dust off and came out in the fourth preseason game.

*These questions and answers are from the post-game presser in Philadelphia.