Bowles wants to build and win now Dan Leberfeld

While addressing the press in Phoenix on Tuesday, Todd Bowles was asked if he’s in a “win-now” mode in his first year as Jets coach.

“As a coach, you get in this game to win a Super Bowl,” Bowles said. “I don’t ever go into a season trying to be 8-8. That is not a good season for me. 8-8, it’s not a good season for me, I’m sorry.

“The object is still try to win games while you get good, while you try to discover who you are, and while you are still missing some pieces. The league isn’t going to wait for you. So you have to win with the pieces you have until you get the pieces you want. That is for every team in the league.

“’Win-now’ is a broad term. To go 6-10 or win one more game than we won last year, that isn’t my job. My job is to try and win and bring a Super Bowl back to the city. That is the mission every year, regardless of whether you have the skill or talent to do it or not, you have to make it work. That is where coaching comes in.”