Bradshaw on Jets Dan Leberfeld

Terry Bradshaw doesn’t think the Jets pass protect very well.
“Unfortunately, I don’t think his players are quite as strong-minded as he is,” Bradshaw told the Shreveport Times. “He’s putting a lot of pressure on his young quarterback. If they can’t run the football, they are going to have to throw it and they can’t pass protect.”
I don’t agree with Bradshaw on this one.
They can pass protect.
In my opinion, the reason they have had issues in pass protection in the preseason is the rotation at left guard.
Once they settle in with Matt Slauson, I think the protection will stabilize.
I think the platoon has been bad for the continuity of the line, and has hurt D’Brickshaw Ferguson’s consistency this summer.
Every time the big left tackle turns around, he has somebody else next to him.
I’m not saying Slauson is great, but he’s smart and servicable, and better than Vlad Ducasse right now.
Once Slauson settles in as the starter, I don’t think the pass protection will be as shaky as it was in the summer.