Brandon Moore on the ills of the Jets’ running game Dan Leberfeld

The Jets need to run the ball better. They are aware of that.

“It’s a matter of us staying on our blocks longer, finishing guys, running backs knowing where to go and making the right reads and making plays,” guard Brandon Moore said. “It just goes back to us being able to do these things in practice. I thought, for the most part, we had a good week of practice. For whatever reason, it’s not transferring over into game day in the execution portion of it.

“It’s getting back to the basics of being able to run the football, and that starts in the week of practice. Not just the five guys up front, but the tight end, the fullback and the running back. Understanding where you fit in the particular play and getting better at it. There’s no other answer to it. There’s no magic solution that’s going to make everything click.”

Is it a matter of getting more comfortable with Tony Sparano’s offense?

“No, across the league, everybody’s running the same plays,” Moore said. “You have your zone plays, you have your power plays, gap play, wide zone plays. Everybody’s running the same plays. It’s not a matter of whether Sparano is different than (Brian) Schottenheimer. It’s the same running plays. I mean, they run them in high school. It’s just a matter of executing the plays the way they’re supposed to be done and being productive at it. So that’s not the issue as far as trying to learn a system.”