Braylon praises Schotty Dan Leberfeld

Mark Sanchez has played a lot better over the last month. What has been the difference?

“I give a lot of credit to coach [Brian] Schottenheimer,” Braylon Edwards said. “We’re allowing Mark to get in a rhythm. We’re not just throwing him out there and calling the most complex plays, and ‘Okay, let’s start this way.’

“We’re just trying to get into a rhythm. I think that helps the offense as well, not just [Sanchez]. It allows us to dig our heels and get into a rhythm, start smooth and get better as opposed to trying to start off super, super hot and end up starting super, super cold.

“So, we found a balance and that’s allowed Mark to get into the groove that he’s gotten into since the Steelers game – Steelers, Chicago, and [New England]. So, that’s what we’re doing.”