Brian Costello on Idzik and the media Dan Leberfeld

New York Post writer Brian Costello came away thoroughly unimpressed with the performance of Jets GM John Idzik with the media on Thursday.

“Jets general manager John Idzik emerged from his hole yesterday and saw his shadow — there must be six weeks until training camp,” wrote Costello.

“Idzik has proven to be more elusive than anyone on his roster as he has avoided reporters for weeks despite one of his running backs getting arrested on gun and drug charges and one of his quarterbacks retiring two months after he signed him.

“As his team wrapped up minicamp yesterday, Idzik met the media. If you were expecting answers, though, you came to the wrong place.

“Idzik ducked and dodged most of the questions thrown his way.

“And here’s the thing for Idzik: He can get away with it for now. Hired just five months ago, he still has a honeymoon period with Jets fans, many of whom celebrate his non-answers after viewing the organization as too chatty with the media in the last few years.

“But that honeymoon won’t last forever.”