Player training with Mekhi – ‘When he runs, the whole gym stops’ Dan Leberfeld

Jets fourth-round guard/tackle Cameron Clark (Charlotte) had a Zoom Conference with Jets reporters today. Here is an excerpt from that teleconference:

Dan Leberfeld – Jets Confidential: Are you still working out in Dallas with Mehki (with Duke Manyweather)?

Cameron Clark – Jets offensive lineman: No sir. I’m back in Charlotte right now. Mekhi is in Dallas.

Leberfeld: You were working with him?

Clark: Yes sir.

Leberfeld: So what are you doing now, compared to what you were doing in Dallas, to prepare yourself?

Clark: Very similar stuff. I’m lifting weights and conditioning six days a week. I do position work three of those days. It’s similar to what I was doing with Duke (Manyweather) and Mekhi, pre-combine.

Kim Jones – NFL Network: In this virtual world it’s not as easy to converse with people and get to know people, but you and Mekhi did have that relationship from training together. What is your friendship like and what is he like as a guy?

Clark: It’s crazy, Me and Mekhi met working out at MJP working with Duke and we kind of hit it off from jump. We have been real close. There was a group of five of us that was real close as we were training. Me and Mekhi were always joking, playing around together. We worked hard. We know when to work. We knew when to play. We always got our work in. Both of us worked extremely hard and both of us care about football a lot. That is one thing (that made us) hit it off, off the bat.

I like to tell jokes and stuff and Mekhi laughs at everything I say – that definitely helped our relationship. Mehki is fun, happy-go-lucky person. It’s crazy when you look at his film, he’s the opposite off the field. He’s a big kid off the field.

Jones: Speaking of big, if I can follow up. You are a large guy. I’ve have covered large guys in the NFL forever. Mekhi Becton is an enormous human being. Does his athleticism surprise even you at all at that size?

Clark: Most definitely. I when I first met Mekhi, we were running and doing drills, and he was still recovering from an ankle injury from the season, and when he would [run], the whole gym would like stop, so Mekhi is definitely a freak.


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