Cavanaugh had very tough job Dan Leberfeld

According to Manish Mehta, who continues to dominate the Jets beat with his unequaled sources in the building, Matt Cavanaugh won’t be back as Jets QB coach.

Mark Brunell felt Cavanaugh was one of the best QB coaches he ever had.

But fans, media and some at the complex, blame Cavanaugh for Sanchez not developing.

I don’t.

Anybody that understands football, knows there was only so much he could so with the Sanchez.

When a quarterback struggles reading defense, seeing the field, and with pocket presence, and those are inherent issues, it’s very hard to change those things very much.

Cavanaugh was dealt a very tough hand.

I have no relationship with Cavanaugh. None. There is no hidden agenda here.

I’m not defending him for any reasons other than this is what I believe.