CBS’s Boomer, Gannon and Beuerlein on Geno Dan Leberfeld

CBS analysts Boomer Esiason, Rich Gannon and Steve Beuerlein were asked for their thoughts on Geno Smith, and here is what each had to say . . .

Boomer: Rex Ryan benched Dee Milliner, their first-round pick from Alabama, a defensive back, in the game against New England. He said, ‘The young man is not ready for this. He needs to come to the sideline and take a look at things.’ Well, if he took him out of the game, and you watch Geno Smith and the way he’s playing – I would have taken him out of the game. At least yesterday in the fourth quarter so he didn’t get hurt.

I think there’s a problem with (Smith) reading defenses and comfortably feeling good about the plays that are being called. He can throw the deep ball, but I think (playing him) is a major mistake right now. You’re dealing with the guy’s confidence and I’m afraid that with a few more games like this past week, you’re asking for a disaster.

Gannon: He’s not any better than Mark Sanchez. He has turned the ball over 11 times in four games. It’s ugly. Of course, yesterday, four turnovers – two interceptions, two fumbles. Does he throw the deep ball well? Yeah, he does. But that’s not enough to make it in this business.

You have to take care of the football. You have to be able to make good decisions. We’re just not seeing enough of that from Geno Smith right now. They are no better off than they were with Mark Sanchez. Mark Sanchez was a turnover machine the last two seasons. Geno Smith is dead on his tail.

Beuerlein: Is he the problem? I don’t think he’s the problem. That Jets offense has a lot of problems. And that is well documented. But he’s not helping. What you’re getting in Geno Smith is exactly what you expect to get out of a young, questionable draft choice who is learning how to play in the toughest city to play in the country.

He’s playing for the New York Jets. He’s going to make mistakes. He has shown flashes, which I think gets you excited a little bit about his potential. But he has to continue to develop. He’s making a lot of mistakes.