Cesario on the Pats’ terrific RT Vollmer Dan Leberfeld

It looks like the Patriots struck gold last year, with the selection of offensive tackle Sebastian Volmer in the second round.

“Sea Bass has had a real consistent year,” Pats’ Player Personnel Director Nick Cesario said. “He’s been out there since day one. To my recollection, I don’t think he’s missed a practice. I think he missed one last week, but that might’ve been the first one all year.

“Sea Bass has been a consistent performer really since he’s arrived. He’s improved. He’s got a pretty unique skill set. He had to play left tackle last year. This year, he’s predominately played on the right side.

“He’s got good size. He’s a good athlete for his size. He’s a smart guy. He studies. He understands what we’re trying to do offensively. He works well with that entire group. He and [Dan] Connolly on the right side and [Ryan] Wendell later in the year, but all those guys, they work well together. They communicate. Sea Bass has had a pretty steady. He works hard at it. It’s important to him.”