Chad Pennington on CBA talks Dan Leberfeld

The Sun-Sentinel caught up with Chad Pennington this week to get his thoughts on the CBA talks.
“I just think both sides are going to have to get together and understand the game of football is about sacrifice,” Pennington said. “The business of football is going to have to be a little bit about sacrifice, too, where both sides are going to have to come to an agreement. I think things will get worked out.
“What I’ve learned in business, compared to football, is we’re so used to making split-second decisions, two-minute drills, things like that. In business it doesn’t work like that. There’s a lot of work and a lot of time. It’s probably not going to happen overnight. As long as we have an agreement that’s best for both sides and best for the game, I think that’s what’s most important.”