Chauncey deserves slack on fumble Dan Leberfeld

Charlotte – Kudos to Chauncey Washington for the game he played Saturday night in Charlotte.
He was a man possessed in Bank of America Stadium, both at running back and on special teams.
The only bad play he had was a second half fumble. However, upon further review, it’s hard to be overly- critical of Washington about the turnover. Here is why.
The play before the fumble was a long punt return by Joe McKnight. Get this – not only did Washington throw the key block to get the run started, he threw another key block 50 yards down field, that helped McKnight add about 10 yards to the return. It was an unbelievable effort.
But after this impressive display of blocking and hustle, he was probably running on fumes on the next play, and this likely contributed to the fumble.
He probably shouldn’t have been the ball carrier on the very next play.
Washington’s effort in this game, from his punt blocking to causing a fumble on punt returner Kenny Moore to his running like a maniac, he basically was sending a message to Mike Tannenbaum.
The message was – “Now way on earth am I going to let you cut me.”