Checking in with LT Tomlinson Craig Thomas

Q)What does such a dominating win do for the team’s confidence?

Tomlinson: Our defense played well. A lot of three-and-outs for our defense. Our special teams played well. Our offense, once we started fast we just rolled. Schotty (Brian Schottenheimer) did a great job of playcalling. Shonn Greene ran the ball hard. Excellent game today, over 100 yards. Mark (Sanchez) threw the ball well, had a couple of rushing touchdowns himself. All the way around, this was probably our best team effort.

Q)Was the first drive a good tone-setter?

Tomlinson: If you noticed, we won the (coin) toss and we took the ball. So, that kind of [helped] us to start fast. Once we got that first touchdown, we really felt like it was going to be a really good day for us.

Q)How helpful is an early lead against team that is out of it to demoralize them? 

Tomlinson: In this league, I don’t know if any team would just go away, but that is an important point, to get up on teams fast, particularly teams that may not be in the playoff race. If you get up fast a lot of points fast, sometimes it will be an easy day. Sometimes it won’t. But [on Sunday] it worked out.